Should I go in Belgrad for yoga instruction class? 
Unbeliever at 20:10 on 2014-10-20
Večeras mi nešto baš krenulo po zlu.Ribao sam zelje za zimnicu pa sam nepažnjom oribao i palac:((,sad boli i krvari a nemogu ništa ni raditi,Budi oprezan...
bela at 21:10 on 2014-10-20
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Should I rely fully on possible new bussines partners in the field of marketing?
Actor at 11:10 on 2014-10-31
Look around you and beware of the threats, of the fact that nothing is stable. Change is inevitable, be patient and wait. There's too much darkness around you. Your desires can not be fulfilled, not now. It is a time to withdraw. Be quiet and return inside of yourself.
SUAM at 16:11 on 2014-11-01
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Should I go after the idea to start with new university study next year? 
Actor at 17:11 on 2014-11-30
and what is the question? :D
user4349 at 14:12 on 2014-12-01
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Why several times nobody answered my question on synchro zone? What does it mean? 
Galadriel at 09:05 on 2015-05-12
I kad misliš da je sve gotovo i da si izgubio ono što ti je važno ne gubi nadu i ne odustaj od svojih snova . Možda još nije pravo vrijeme za njihovo ostvarenje i jedino što trebaš je biti strpljiv.
user4348 at 14:05 on 2015-05-13
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trebam li zaprositi djevojku do kraja 2014. godine ?
whether to propose a girl by the end of this year ? 
Marbas01 at 12:10 on 2014-10-25
You already know the answer. Don't be afraid to apply it, but beware of your ego.
Ghoran at 01:10 on 2014-10-26
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Is it running good for me? 
Unbeliever at 23:05 on 2015-05-29
"How about I let you go?", said James as he took a sip from a glass filled with 10 year old scotch. The woman next to him shivered as he put his strong hand on her thy, squeezing and stroking her leg slowly. Nick wondered what would happen if he was to jump out of his chair and run out of the office. Could he run fast and far enough before the goons get him.
sweet at 09:05 on 2015-05-30
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Dali je izgledno da projekt završimo bez trzavica i u najboljoj "poslijeprojektnoj" komunikaciji?
shajsok at 10:10 on 2014-10-24
I have mixed and unclear feeligs at the moment. There is some energy in the plans and actions ahead, but also, there is a burden of past actions, and many things that has to be sorted out befor I can cay it is done. If you question is connected with bussines, be careful There are things you do not know about the deal you are considering. If your question is about personal relationships, just take it easy and wait for some time.
Noone at 12:10 on 2014-10-24
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How do i keep my inner strength strong? 
gogol at 15:06 on 2013-06-27
The Universe is taking care of everything else.
You do not need to do anything. Relax and swim in the ocean of consciousness. All you need will come in the most perfect moment. Not too early, not too late, it will come at the most appropriate time.
Sometimes the waiting time seems so long. But everything has its own process. Creation begins first inside and then outside.
Today I saw a bird in my garden singing to me a song of creation.
Hugs dear soul...
dominicana at 16:06 on 2013-06-27
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should i get a cat? 
njana at 12:12 on 2017-12-10
Hey there :) Answer is yes. Do it. Even if in the beginning doesn't look like you expected. At the end it will be the good experience and it will make you happy.
Unbeliever at 08:12 on 2017-12-11
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Should I approach S. more openly during next month? 
Actor at 07:07 on 2015-07-27
Be nice. Try to be even nicer to those closest to you. Should be enough.
sukra at 11:07 on 2015-07-27
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