I'd like to know, where is my place to start working reflexoterapy?

Thanks for your answer!
user4671 at 17:01 on 2017-01-23
During the day it seams that there is not enough time to do all expected activities but there is always enough time if you know to make your priorities.
Zdravko4 at 22:01 on 2017-01-23
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Will a corporate job bring me finace stable times so i will not get in money trouble in may.is it a right choice to apply for such jobs in oreder to be stable?
njana at 06:01 on 2017-01-20
body knows. you just have to let it talk... just listen.
user4585 at 07:01 on 2017-01-20
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I hurt someone I love very dearly. Will it ever be okay with us again?
Rosa P at 21:01 on 2017-01-15
This is the day when you're wondering if you're still in love with him/her. You feel that something has changed. You are afraid that you will not be able to continue. You're afraid that the magic between you two disappeared. But do not be afraid. This is true love. It's just a phase period when you need more time for yourself, when you want to find the answers for yourself, and when you want to determine whether you are still you. He/she is looking for answers to the same questions as you. Therefore, find a way to work together to seek answers. And yours love will grow.
user4662 at 23:01 on 2017-01-15
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Is it good for me to buy a my first (used) car in next 6 months?
minimAlleast at 21:01 on 2017-01-06
It's cold and the soil is frozen. I made a bird feeder.
Matan at 14:01 on 2017-01-07
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Postoji li išta osim "ja" i da li je prosvjetljenje otpuštanje 'svog' - "ja"? Da li je moguće živjeti "kao čovjek" s otpuštenim "ja"?
sandra87 at 13:01 on 2017-01-05
I dont feell good today, but stars say that I should climb the hill ☺ so I suppose I need to listen to the stars. You should to! Climb that hill! Good luck.
Chandra at 13:01 on 2017-01-05
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Kje živijo ljudje, ki znajo živeti življenje res svobodno?
newzone at 10:01 on 2017-01-03
Ne možete dobiti gotov odgovor na to pitanje, još je prerano.
godotova at 17:01 on 2017-01-03
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Will i sell my company in order to a new start?
meMarija at 11:12 on 2016-12-31
Sometimes you have to accept that certain people need more time wake up. Even in they are same every year, it does not mean that you can not enjoy their company and support them. Love means to accept and to help s much as you can, an not more.
njana at 12:12 on 2016-12-31
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Will i sale my beauty bussines in shoping mall in order to get finances for my New salon for Energy and beauty.
user4654 at 20:12 on 2016-12-30
Don't do it!
It's not the right time!
Sit back and relax.
When the tension is over proceed but with causion.
Daxy at 22:12 on 2016-12-30
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Should I change my job?
Solis at 11:12 on 2016-12-27
Uhvati se posla, riješi se onog što te muči. Sretno!
slave at 08:12 on 2016-12-28
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Would it be the right decision to go with Vlatko to India in March 2017?
user4548 at 22:12 on 2016-12-15
This is going to be also the answer for me. Yesterday I thought to send question on synchro, I didn't do this. The answer was around. Life is secret. It is going it's oun way, no mether what you do or think, result will be always the same. you have enought strenth to be happy, to have peaceful life. Just for this thime, yesterday has been gone, tomorrow who know's. Soo, hug the life and nothing gonna expect. The space love you!!
jernejarado at 06:12 on 2016-12-16
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