Da li bi bilo bolje za mene i moju obitelj da odemo živjeti u kuću kraj šume u gorskom kotaru?
Chandra at 17:10 on 2017-10-16
Your fears are unreal. They are just in your mind. Don't focus on them. Switch off your mind.
plante at 22:10 on 2017-10-17
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I'm in a relationship with a cancer-patient, and I'm in love with one guy from my past.
I don't know what to do. Should I break up? But that forgotten love will never be mine...
I love my boyfriend, it's not without love. But I feel like I'm facing a wall...
user4845 at 12:09 on 2017-09-16
True values are what you have to aim for.
Peace within is priceless.
Don't seek for meaningless joys because someone told so.
Dee at 12:09 on 2017-09-16
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Ali se bo situacija(selitev) zgodila do konca tega leta?
Tasi at 09:09 on 2017-09-14
You are trapped. Fight for your life! Break free. There's a desert around you but a friendly dog is wigling his tail. It is happy to see you.
user4683 at 11:09 on 2017-09-15
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Should I forget him?
user4845 at 20:09 on 2017-09-12
We are all monsters. Not god not devil no demons no darkness outside our own. Embrace it, bring it to the light of compassion, love yourself for who you are, for all you are,do not try to be what you think society expects from you. Even if you stand alone embrace yourself. There is no time for sorrow and self pity in the world where death is the hunter
Phoenix at 20:09 on 2017-09-12
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We are looking for a new place to live. We have time limit to move. When we wil find a new house to move on?
Tasi at 08:09 on 2017-09-06
Rearrange. New positions, new moves, new flow. Tilt. New results.
jeremy at 16:09 on 2017-09-07
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Should I go to Vienna and accept the job in a restaurant in following weeks?
synD at 10:08 on 2017-08-14
I van not fullfill your expectations anymore. I know you have difficulties, but it's time for you to handle it by yourself.
nadimak at 11:08 on 2017-08-14
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Which color should I choose to create my new collection of cups?
user4826 at 12:07 on 2017-07-31
You're holding desperately to something beyond your control. It is very, very hard to let go but noone can do it but you. And although it seems the worl will collapse, actally it will get better in time. Don't be afraid of change. Be afraid that one day you'll regret chance you missed.
nadimak at 13:07 on 2017-07-31
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Should I contact my ex very busy with his new flame to ask him to find and return me my skates? I dnn't need it now but is only thing I left there.
user4825 at 09:07 on 2017-07-31
Oh, oh, oh, I feel something good is in the air :). But a lot of tension and no direction. Maby you just have to let it be, and the right direction will show up.
user4661 at 09:08 on 2017-08-01
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Is now the time to find a another job, or it will come to me?
user4824 at 17:07 on 2017-07-30
Nadam se da je ok što odgovaram na Hrvatskom jeziku.

Nisam uspjela odmah dobiti neki intuitivan odgovor, pa sam izvukla kartu duhovnog vodstva...
kaže: "Iskoristite svoje vatrene strasti kreativno, a ne destruktivno"
nadodajem... mogla bi vas otopiti vatra kojutrenutno osjećate i isijavate, malo vode i malo mirovanja može isto tako rasvijetliti horizonte i puteve...
Bamboo at 19:07 on 2017-07-30
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Will I fall in love soon?
toncica at 13:07 on 2017-07-27
Just do it! Učini ono što želiš, ne obaziri se što će bilo tko reći i kako će utjecati na druge, stavi konačno sebe na prvo mjesto i živi život punim plućima.
slaja at 08:07 on 2017-07-28
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