Zasto se odjednom distancirala od mene?
Why she suddenly distanced me?
user4903 at 20:02 on 2018-02-14
I have been without a job for a month and half now. My emotions were driving me crazy and I was feeling utterly down. And then it came, just like that and what is even more interesting it is the one I wished for. I won't tell you to trust life, because this anwser was driving me insane. But just to have an open mind and go for it. No pain no gain. You have to risk sometimes to get whatever you want. And try to stay grounded, not making any castles in the sky. Just the present moment. Life is hard but it is beautiful as well. A heart for you on this lovely day.
njana at 21:02 on 2018-02-14
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Am I on the right path to enlightment?
Dream Theater at 12:02 on 2018-02-06
Never underestimate the power of the inner self. It knows everything. Just sit still and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you from the center of your heart.
sandra87 at 13:02 on 2018-02-06
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How to overcome fear and break out of my comfort zone? :) Help!
Mateja81 at 20:01 on 2018-01-30
I have a feeling that something new, a new begining is coming into your life.
Smooth at 20:01 on 2018-01-30
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will the new job in march will get us more money?
njana at 12:01 on 2018-01-04
I'm not sure know if I am supposed to see the question(which I dont), BUT! There is something utterly urgent and important, please take this very seriously! There are terrible timelines and endings of humanity and YOU, even death is NOT an escape for such an ending and it goes down for all of us, we are here together, so NOW is the MOMENT to WAKE UP and very very very importantly, after you do(or you are) SPREAD the message of LOVE UNITY PEACE FORGIVENESS, have FAITH and TRUST, know that there are beautiful endless possibilities, VISUALIZE THEM, give them energy, send LOVE give LOVE, we all create them TOGETHER. Please, please, in this urgent times; spread this message to all. There is no more time, it is running out!
And considering your question(which I do not know) there is one universal(but truly, really working) answer: pray and ask the higher consciousness to give you clear and understandable signals asap. Ask to connect to your true self and intuition and follow the signs
user4694 at 12:01 on 2018-01-04
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Ali bom zaslužila vsaj 1000 eur neto, če v začetku leta 2018 odprem svoj masažni salon?
user4872 at 14:12 on 2017-12-25
jos tri dana
user4578 at 05:12 on 2017-12-26
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Is joining good “next step” for me?
Irenica18 at 23:12 on 2017-12-23
Dreams, fears... everything is relative. What's the feeling, when you decide, why can't you decide. Just take that, what belonga to you, it really does. Every day is one brave step closer. Have fun :)
Chilly at 14:12 on 2017-12-24
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should i get a cat? 
njana at 12:12 on 2017-12-10
Hey there :) Answer is yes. Do it. Even if in the beginning doesn't look like you expected. At the end it will be the good experience and it will make you happy.
Unbeliever at 08:12 on 2017-12-11
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Da li ċu biti sreċna ako uđem u vezu s Markom?
andjelko at 00:11 on 2017-11-05
I don't feel confident enough. But I know I need to take this steps because that is the way to build the confidence. No matter what. Of course, I'd like to end up positively. And I'll do everything to get the positive result.
MirnaMI at 18:11 on 2017-11-05
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Zašto sam sebi stavljam prepreke? Koja je to zavisnost i kako preko?
Woody at 07:10 on 2017-10-27
"Reminder: you can start over at anytime. Your day is not ruined. Your world is not over. Take a deep breath. Start over."
universe at 08:10 on 2017-10-28
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Je li posao odgajatelja ono što tražim?
nadimak at 14:10 on 2017-10-18
Sve se čini kompliciranijim nego što jeste , opustite se i imajte povjerenja , sve će se srediti najbolje za vas ,
obzira na ishod .
Talia133 at 11:10 on 2017-10-19
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