Should I look for a new job?
user4683 at 21:12 on 2018-12-09
Znam da ce na kraju biti sve dobro ali kao i uvijek moj mozak radi 100 %. Natovarila sam si previse stvari za uciniti a malo je vremena. Ali bit ce sve dobro.
MirnaMI at 00:12 on 2018-12-10
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Will i work for Bitstamp again this year? Or perhaps land an even better opportunity, job that I am good at somewhere else?
pollywantsacracker at 17:07 on 2018-07-31
Life is beautiful. There is so much beauty in this world. So many sunrises, so many good people, so many simple pleasures of life, so many healing joys, so many amazing sunsets... Get into a positive state! See it, feel it!
It's going to be OK.
LadyMeriel at 18:07 on 2018-07-31
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Am I the right person, partner for A. And is this in our futures? But also as the greatest Good for her, her and me and all of us involved,is it in the greatest Good Of everything? 
pollywantsacracker at 13:07 on 2018-07-29
Yes,it is,you do...
Soon,very soon, it will be all here and clear without any other question/s..
GO for IT!
Bamboo at 07:07 on 2018-07-31
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Ali je že čas za nakup kriptovalut ali je bolje še malo počakati za večji donos?
Mirkobirko at 16:04 on 2018-04-06
Respect is the basis of any human relationship, there is no perfection without it.
domorodci at 21:04 on 2018-04-06
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Will I learn more about life whit polyamory ? 
Canja at 15:04 on 2018-04-05
When you trust somebody from your deepest heart, you can't do any mistake. Everything is balanced, fear and doubts are completely out.
Nada Nada at 00:04 on 2018-04-06
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Is this site working ? Lets organize if it is.
user4873 at 10:04 on 2018-04-04
Du courage!
Sve će dobro završiti :)
Nea at 16:04 on 2018-04-04
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is he the one? for me? for life?
user4585 at 21:03 on 2018-03-27
Situacija bo prinesla izkušnjo , ne pa zadovoljstva. prej tesnobo.
marjeta at 06:03 on 2018-03-28
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Currently I don’t have a job. Will I get the job that I will feel happy to work in till the end of April 2018?
Potonika at 10:03 on 2018-03-17
Love outside the box! What a pleasure! If you miss it, you will regret later.
Actor at 20:03 on 2018-03-17
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Should I stay or should I go?
Rose at 14:03 on 2018-03-11
Dolaze velike globalne promjene i istine ce biti otkrivene i sve sto mislimo da znamo zapravo je laz. Svijet kakav znamo srusit ce se jer dolazi nam nesto velicanstveno. Sve ce biti dobro.
user4717 at 15:03 on 2018-03-11
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What is his position in my life?
Irena888 at 18:03 on 2018-03-07
Sometimes there is a moment you have to be sad but at the end everything is going to be ok. I have a feeling you finally are starting to love yourself!
Mateja81 at 19:03 on 2018-03-07
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