What should I do about A? 
user5015 at 22:05 on 2019-05-11
Don't be afraid. Open yourself to new possibilities. Have faith in people.
Dee at 22:05 on 2019-05-11
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What do I need to change to have better relationships (love , family , friends ) ?
user5015 at 23:05 on 2019-05-10
I see signs all around me. You can see them too. Loved ones visit us. They guide us. Listen to that loved one If he or she was here and you asked her that, what would she say. Would she be happy about it? This is not really a dilemma Sleep on it. I see an answer coming to you soon. Things change fast.
pollywantsacracker at 00:05 on 2019-05-11
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Dali je dobro, da iznajmimo malu kucicu u gradu. Vec smo jo videli. Ima napolju više prostora (bašta) a manje unutrašnjog. Ja i dvoje dece i pas. 
L'erique at 15:04 on 2019-04-05
Give it up. I feel like that's not meant for you but you'll get something/someone better.
titli at 14:04 on 2019-04-06
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Jo bo pustil?
user5008 at 19:04 on 2019-04-02
Učini po svom !
eva8 at 23:04 on 2019-04-02
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Why do I most of the time feel like I am one world, and other people are another world and I do not belong
to others people world. Why am I so different and as the same time happier when I do not fit to others world? I am simply satisfied with myself.
asana at 20:03 on 2019-03-28
Misunderstanding can be very hurtful. Even so called experts can sometimes be ignorant - mostly due to their ego. Just because something is not your experience, does not make it fake or invalid. If someone tells you their innier truth, experience, perception, feelings - why not keep an open mind. Or even more important: an open heart! It is society that is most of the time fake and ignorant of the truth and not people, especially if they are deeply hurting.
Cassandra at 21:03 on 2019-03-28
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Je li za Jakovovo mentalno zdravlje dobro da do kraja ove školske godine ne ide na nastavu u školu?
Solis at 08:03 on 2019-03-28
I'm reading a book Your Sacred Self (Wayne Dyer). The book teaches how to live each day, regardless of what we do, with a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. A key is a TRUST - and everything will turn in the right way. So, trust yourself and do what your heart wants.
polonam at 08:03 on 2019-03-30
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Should I quit my job in the field of finance and work abroad in the same field to earn more money? Or should I work at home in the small business so that I could spend more time with my dog?
asana at 21:02 on 2019-02-16
Kao da sam ispred nekog zida. Imam znanja i sposobnosti za sve što je s druge strane, a nikako da dođem na tu drugu stranu. Ne razumijem zašto.
julijana at 23:02 on 2019-02-16
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Should I go to Vienna to find work? Will this be good for me.
njana at 12:02 on 2019-02-14
kad stigne sunce, odgovor na sve je: DA! (no budući da ni metereologiji nije za vjerovati, s malom zadrškom...)
GELSOMINO at 13:02 on 2019-02-14
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tuina masaža higea?
Roque at 22:01 on 2019-01-14
Prebudila sem se vsa objokana iz morecih in preganjalnih sanj. Konec preteklosti. Zaključujem to obdobje. Dobro je, vse je uredu sem si rekla. Jutro je bilo fantastično. In dan je popoln. Vse je končno na pravem mestu. Srečna sem!!!
Tejchi at 07:01 on 2019-01-15
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Will I work at the computer and science institut, will they hire me and is this job a good choice, the right path for me?
pollywantsacracker at 13:12 on 2018-12-14
Narcissists and financial abuse
atis at 13:12 on 2018-12-14
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