If I start to work as an intuitive healer in 2020, will I earn more money in the future than now?
user5068 at 13:02 on 2020-02-16
Sit down and rest.
user4995 at 14:02 on 2020-02-16
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Will M. realise that he made a mistake and ask for another opportunity?
Meok at 14:02 on 2020-02-12
Im reading a book put i krivi putovi uma from anton krajcar, and it answers a lot of questions.

Rihard88 at 21:02 on 2020-02-12
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Will it be enough for me to dedicate myself to relaxation, affirmative self-talk and other non-medical tools, so I could (for now) put under control my almost high blood pressure?
andjelko at 06:02 on 2020-02-05
kako pocelit rane iz otroštva? soočit se s čustvi iz takratnega obdobja - poišči pomoč pri nekom, ki ve kaj dela in mu lahko zaupaš oz. se ob njem/njej počutiš varen/a.

how to heal wounds from childhood? face the emotions of the time - seek help from someone who knows what he/she is doing and whom you can trust and you feel safe with him / her.
etna at 12:02 on 2020-02-05
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Is it goot for me in financial respect and physical, emotional and spiritual respect, to buy a flet in R. Ulica, 1st floor? Should I buy it?
pfricko at 21:01 on 2020-01-16
You do what your heart tells you.
I would go for it , with no expectancy whatsoever... because the time is right.
Nea at 19:01 on 2020-01-17
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Will I get at least 1 new student by the end of January?
user5014 at 12:01 on 2020-01-08
Do read and listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has left this world but he is still very much with us...
Matolita at 13:01 on 2020-01-08
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Kim ?
Rihard88 at 23:12 on 2019-12-30
Often the right path is not the expected one, but the opposite one....
user4924 at 07:12 on 2019-12-31
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Is learning programing Java be an asset to my financial situation in next year?
njana at 14:12 on 2019-12-11
Your free will is limited. Do what you know you can. Then forget about it.
Klara at 23:12 on 2019-12-11
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Ali se bo uresničilo ?
user4846 at 22:11 on 2019-11-19
Although I find it difficult I know that it is temporary, it will pass like it never was. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break.
user5052 at 15:11 on 2019-11-20
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I have too much work to be done and so little time. Should I do my tasks fast and furious or slowly and calm?
asana at 21:10 on 2019-10-07
Close your eyes. Imagine infront of you two solutions, paths ... which feels more right. Which shines more. Go two steps closer to the first chosen. What do you feel in your body. Go back to the root point, than walk 2 steps closer to the second. What do you feel. Go back to the middle and then go to thst choice, that feels good. Joy. Say to her. You are my first choice. I've decided to choose you. I take all responsibility for my decision. Breath in, breath out. Thats all. Good luck ;)
Chilly at 22:10 on 2019-10-07
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Pitanje za Admina
Nova sam na sajtu. Privukla me sama ideja, pa sam odlucila da pokusam. Imam jednu nejasnocu. Da li sam dobro razumela da osoba koja dobije ( kojoj se dodeli ) moje pitanje ne zna kako pitanje glasi? Napomena- pitanje nisam postavila kao "public". Pitam ovo zato sto sam dobila svoj prvi odgovor koji glasi "Ja sam poslednja osoba koju treba da pitas to pitanje... itd". A razumela sam da se cela ideja vrti oko toga da odgovor daje osoba koja ne zna pitanje. Ili sam ja potpuno pogresno razumela ceo koncept ?. Hvala unapred na odgovoru.
Hellena at 21:10 on 2019-10-05
ponekad poželim da vratim se u doba kad sam bila dijete zaštićena zdrava i osigurana od svega a znaš da nema povratka na staro i moraš se primiti obaveza i života sad i tu gdje je i shvatiš da možeš sve i da ti moraš postati sigurna luka za nove naraštaje....
idi i gledaj naprijed i uspjet ćeš u čemu težiš....sama sebi uvijek govorim manje ćemo se bojati a više ćemo živjeti ...idemo se veseliti svemu onomlijepom što nam dolazi :)
PEACEFUL MIND at 23:10 on 2019-10-05
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