Is it a good idea to start a rage room? Do people need that in my Country? If I do, will it be Successful?
Kaktus at 10:03 on 2021-03-19
I don't know, I think I need a rest, burnout on the way. Maybe you should stop and rest too?
user4966 at 13:03 on 2021-03-19
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Should I wait or do something abouth him?
user5116 at 21:02 on 2021-02-20
Just be still. Focus on feeling good.
Find toughts to feel good and let the Universe do the rest.
Writer at 23:02 on 2021-02-20
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Sta zeli on?
user5116 at 10:02 on 2021-02-20
Da. Zadnje čase se mi postavlja v ospredje beseda odgovornost . In prav ob tem vprašanji se mi je najprej pojavila ista beseda. Preveč ali premalo. Ne skušam reševati sveta, ker če to počnem, si nalagam preveliko odgovornost in padem v zoprn cikel neizpolnjenih pricakovnj. Edina pomembna odgovornost je spoznati kaj hočem in slediti temu in uživati na tej poti ne glede na igro, ki se igra okoli nas. Pot se zarisuje sama, samo zaupati moramo v celoti.
Tancka at 14:02 on 2021-02-20
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Da li je preseljenje u novi stan, koji je skuplji ali mi daje vise slobode i mira, dobra odluka?
user5062 at 08:01 on 2021-01-17
I am skiing and doing good. We are priviledged, so we shold not complicate too much. You will be fine.
njana at 12:01 on 2021-01-17
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Da li da se preselim u novi stan?
user5062 at 08:01 on 2021-01-17
Yes or no?
ribica77 at 08:01 on 2021-01-17
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Should I go to the first term of demanding exam, which is 28.1.2021?
user5144 at 21:01 on 2021-01-04
Follow your love. With love
dinamm at 10:01 on 2021-01-05
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Should i rent my own apartment?
helen15 at 21:10 on 2020-10-17
Well I just read an email from an acquaintance. He was not pleased about me not writing him back in a time acceptable to him. I did not formulate a thought about that but will not bother to get pressured. Also in this time the planates are shit and, well, I have to think. So think before you act. And do not get pressured into doing things you are not capable or willing to do. It is your own world and you make the rules to some degree. But also be realistic and do tend to other peoples feelings. And do not be too apologetic also. Did you ask the right question? Cos it seems I am all over the place. Good luck.
njana at 23:10 on 2020-10-17
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Bo Antonio moj partner?
user5008 at 15:10 on 2020-10-13
It's your thoughts that are bothering you, change them first.
Andrej3 at 05:10 on 2020-10-15
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Does he love me?
user5116 at 21:10 on 2020-10-02
Friday is the best day of the week, TGIF. Just try to feel it and enjoy it, everything will be just fine, you are loved by many more people than you imagine, because we all belong to One Mind, we are all small Gods embraced by the Big One.
Matolita at 21:10 on 2020-10-02
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Što učiniti prihvatiti ponudu ili ne. da li dalje tražiti druge izvođače.
user5087 at 07:08 on 2020-08-06
when I received your message I just found out everything is OK with my car. I thought someting could be seriously wrong, but everyting is just ok. I believe with you is the same. just wait a little bit, things will get ok :)
KayBee at 09:08 on 2020-08-06
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