Što učiniti prihvatiti ponudu ili ne. da li dalje tražiti druge izvođače.
user5087 at 07:08 on 2020-08-06
when I received your message I just found out everything is OK with my car. I thought someting could be seriously wrong, but everyting is just ok. I believe with you is the same. just wait a little bit, things will get ok :)
KayBee at 09:08 on 2020-08-06
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What specific occupation will bring me the right combination of stability and creativity whilst taking the least time and energy from my family?
user5099 at 19:06 on 2020-06-22
Peace is all around and broken parts spreaded all around are falling into place. Although some parts seem a bit confusing just be patient, they’ll fall back into place they belong. In the end there is sun giving you light and energy to go one step forward.
Danijela.x at 09:06 on 2020-06-23
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Will i be rich?
Legione at 13:05 on 2020-05-23
Go in the nature, find beautiful spots like waterfall, still your mind and you will get inspiration and different wiew of life. Small things count.
artep at 17:05 on 2020-05-23
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U dilemi sam treba li se boriti za svoje bolje sutra, pošto mi je dosada već mnogo puta život pokazao da gubim.
andjelko at 03:05 on 2020-05-16
Everything changes. You can't stop the flow. Do not keep trying stop the proces, do not resist.
Dee at 06:05 on 2020-05-16
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If I go to kundalini teacher training would that be a contribution to my life and my familiy life.
user5087 at 21:04 on 2020-04-26
Kod mene sve u banani, svi se trude da bude sve u redu. A ja mislim da je sve u redu. Jednostavno treba biti pozitivan i sve će biti baš onako kako si zamislio/la.
majita at 14:04 on 2020-04-28
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What can I expect from my income if I stay abroad until autumn?
Majk at 10:04 on 2020-04-17
My first reaction to receiving a question was ''nooooo'' with an image of Munch's Scream in my head. I am not the most stable of all people right now, since I am going through a very volatile period. One day I'm the happiest person in the world, I will achieve everything, I can conquer the world, and the next day I'm lowlife, failure, etc. Right now I'm in the IDGAF mood, just taking day by day and thinking of some ideas for the future. In the past, I've planned a lot, and nothing of those plans have come to life. That's why I know have ideas and goals, and I'm trying not to make strict plans because if it fails, I spiral into depression and anxiety and it takes me a lot of time and mental energy to pull out from. I just know (right now I know, but some days I have to remind myself and chant it) I can do whatever I want to, if I set my mind to it. So I find writing this message an encouragement to myself, as well as to you. I guess the universe does have an odd sense of humour.
odette_odile at 11:04 on 2020-04-17
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Kako resiti komunikacijo s sodelavko, ki pa je pri delu zelo uspešna? Med nama ni spostovanja in kot nadrejena pri njen nimam avtoritete. Naj zapustim podjetje jaz, ali naj ona ostane brez sluzbe?
Tamka at 16:04 on 2020-04-16
Hurry up. There's no much time. Take the action and remember, you have to be open.
Just communicate cause it's all about love.
Majk at 18:04 on 2020-04-16
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Is this service still alive?
valentins at 22:03 on 2020-03-22
There are blessings coming your way :) seems that storm has passed and you will enjoy some new opportunities & beauty on your path. Summer Solstice looks like a time frame when all power will rise up to the fullest. Till then find inspiration in music and spend as much time as you can in nature. Good luck :)
tinti at 18:03 on 2020-03-24
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da li imam koronavirus
user5077 at 20:03 on 2020-03-22
Rad od doma = rad za laptopom/kuhanje/čitanje vijesti o glupom virusu :)
cijelo vrijeme domaći rock 'n' roll svira u pozadini
efektivni rad 20% :)
user4541 at 15:03 on 2020-03-23
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Ali bo oseba Vida še prišla v moje življenje?
Gorazd at 09:03 on 2020-03-19
Fear may be the greatest enemy. Unpredictable events and the situation you're in don't mean things couldn't turn to a positive way. Nothing is written in stone.
user4761 at 12:03 on 2020-03-19
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