Ali je že čas za nakup kriptovalut ali je bolje še malo počakati za večji donos?
Mirkobirko at 16:04 on 2018-04-06
Respect is the basis of any human relationship, there is no perfection without it.
domorodci at 21:04 on 2018-04-06
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Will I learn more about life whit polyamory ?
Canja at 15:04 on 2018-04-05
When you trust somebody from your deepest heart, you can't do any mistake. Everything is balanced, fear and doubts are completely out.
Nada Nada at 00:04 on 2018-04-06
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Is this site working ? Lets organize if it is.
user4873 at 10:04 on 2018-04-04
Du courage!
Sve će dobro završiti :)
Nea at 16:04 on 2018-04-04
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is he the one? for me? for life?
user4585 at 21:03 on 2018-03-27
Situacija bo prinesla izkušnjo , ne pa zadovoljstva. prej tesnobo.
marjeta at 06:03 on 2018-03-28
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Currently I don’t have a job. Will I get the job that I will feel happy to work in till the end of April 2018?
Potonika at 10:03 on 2018-03-17
Love outside the box! What a pleasure! If you miss it, you will regret later.
Actor at 20:03 on 2018-03-17
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Should I stay or should I go?
Rose at 14:03 on 2018-03-11
Dolaze velike globalne promjene i istine ce biti otkrivene i sve sto mislimo da znamo zapravo je laz. Svijet kakav znamo srusit ce se jer dolazi nam nesto velicanstveno. Sve ce biti dobro.
user4717 at 15:03 on 2018-03-11
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What is his position in my life?
Irena888 at 18:03 on 2018-03-07
Sometimes there is a moment you have to be sad but at the end everything is going to be ok. I have a feeling you finally are starting to love yourself!
Mateja81 at 19:03 on 2018-03-07
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Zasto se odjednom distancirala od mene?
Why she suddenly distanced me?
user4903 at 20:02 on 2018-02-14
I have been without a job for a month and half now. My emotions were driving me crazy and I was feeling utterly down. And then it came, just like that and what is even more interesting it is the one I wished for. I won't tell you to trust life, because this anwser was driving me insane. But just to have an open mind and go for it. No pain no gain. You have to risk sometimes to get whatever you want. And try to stay grounded, not making any castles in the sky. Just the present moment. Life is hard but it is beautiful as well. A heart for you on this lovely day.
njana at 21:02 on 2018-02-14
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Am I on the right path to enlightment?
Dream Theater at 12:02 on 2018-02-06
Never underestimate the power of the inner self. It knows everything. Just sit still and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you from the center of your heart.
sandra87 at 13:02 on 2018-02-06
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How to overcome fear and break out of my comfort zone? :) Help!
Mateja81 at 20:01 on 2018-01-30
I have a feeling that something new, a new begining is coming into your life.
Smooth at 20:01 on 2018-01-30
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