Should I go after the idea to start with new university study next year? 
Actor at 17:11 on 2014-11-30
and what is the question? :D
user4349 at 14:12 on 2014-12-01
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trebam li zaprositi djevojku do kraja 2014. godine ?
whether to propose a girl by the end of this year ? 
Marbas01 at 12:10 on 2014-10-25
You already know the answer. Don't be afraid to apply it, but beware of your ego.
Ghoran at 01:10 on 2014-10-26
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Will I be happier if my first multi-million deal goes through? 
neoboy at 20:10 on 2014-10-21
If you can get this done today or decided today than do it, if not - don't.
Evenstar at 11:10 on 2014-10-22
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Should I go in Belgrad for yoga instruction class? 
Unbeliever at 20:10 on 2014-10-20
Večeras mi nešto baš krenulo po zlu.Ribao sam zelje za zimnicu pa sam nepažnjom oribao i palac:((,sad boli i krvari a nemogu ništa ni raditi,Budi oprezan...
bela at 21:10 on 2014-10-20
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How that I make a lot of (milions) money in 1month, in my life? 
Escada at 20:04 on 2014-04-09
You are all that you wish to be, be the light, be the joy, enjoy every moment and every step of the way, be the incredible you, the universe believes in you.
natajurc at 21:04 on 2014-04-09
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Should I forget this idea about us as a couple?
jupiter at 22:03 on 2014-03-25
Let go. It is time. Release. Breathe...only you have the power to let go of things, situations and people that hold you back. Enough is time to let go.
You are stronger than you think you are.
Kaktus at 20:03 on 2014-03-26
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Should I quit my job? 
TheNewDawn at 01:03 on 2014-03-04
Always yes to life and positivity!
Crisis are here just to teach us and bring us back to our true needs and longings.

Good luck and I wish you all the best :)
jupiter at 00:03 on 2014-03-05
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i know both things i can do will be right things to do. but i cant start any road, or walking on edge from where i can still take any road, but never taking it and let go of other one 
shao at 23:09 on 2013-09-29
change the perspective!
literally, move your physical body to another surrounding, another place, as far away as possible, as UNKNOWN as possible, to create it a space for a complete awareness...there and then will it go insane, but right after - calm down, calming you have never knew of...and when you find yourself in this state of perfect stillness - which is possible only in this kind of pure, intact, genuine atmosphere, where your mind is free from everything forced upon - ask yourself what do you miss, but sincerely? ask this with your heart! then imagine you were reborn, and go for it, just go..go....gooooooooo! and never, ever, ever, ever look back
ema bovary at 03:09 on 2013-09-30
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Will be my new roommate good for me? 
Mala Asia at 22:09 on 2013-09-07
Once I read: " Do not judge package only from the wrapping. You must open it. Sometimes inside can be a pleasent suprise. Dig deeper".
Outside things could be unattractive or even unpleasant, digg deeper, and follow your heart.
serendipity1712 at 05:09 on 2013-09-09
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How do i keep my inner strength strong? 
gogol at 15:06 on 2013-06-27
The Universe is taking care of everything else.
You do not need to do anything. Relax and swim in the ocean of consciousness. All you need will come in the most perfect moment. Not too early, not too late, it will come at the most appropriate time.
Sometimes the waiting time seems so long. But everything has its own process. Creation begins first inside and then outside.
Today I saw a bird in my garden singing to me a song of creation.
Hugs dear soul...
dominicana at 16:06 on 2013-06-27
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