Ask the question!

How to ask?

The most important thing is that the question you are asking is clear to YOU. The person who answers your question will not know its content. Keep your question one pointed, which means when you ask, ask for one thing, not for many. Also, phrase your question as concrete as possible.

Here is one example: you are in dilemma whether you should accept the new job or not. Your question might be: "If I accept this job (write concretely what it is), will I make more money (write concretely what you want) during next four years?" Or: "If I accept this job (write concretely what it is), will I be more happy and have more time?"

As you see, the question depends on what you want. If you have a specific goal in mind, avoid general questions like: "Is it good for me to accept that job?", because you may receive positive answer but "good" can prove to be somewhat different than you expected.

Also, try to avoid questions in form of prediction, rather focus question around the action you should take in order to make the right choice or decision. Avoid questions like “Shall I get marred next year?” or “What will happen on my job?” or “How will my love affair end up?” Ask questions like “Is it good for me to sell my apartment by end of this year?” or “Would it be the right decision to end my relationship with (name a person) and start relationship with (name a person)?”

As you can see, knowing precisely what you really want is almost half the answer and then the other half comes much easier from synchronicity.

Before you write down your question, try to spend a few minutes in free contemplation about your situation. Do not try to find a solution, just think about different possibilities. Synchronicity is attracted by silence, clear mind and openness to different possibilities. After that, phrase your question as concretely as possible and write it down. From time to time, during next 48h, just close your eyes, relax and repeat your question. If you can do it after a prayer, meditation, before going to sleep, after waking up - even the better. In this way, the possibility of receiving the right synchronistic answer will be greater.

For more examples on correctly phrased questions and those that are not, visit the Public Page.

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