Global network of
synchro communication provides answers to your questions and guidance on your journey.


How does it work? combines two basic principles:

  1. Intuition – the participant who answers the question DOES NOT know the content of the question. This is how "intellectual censor" is eliminated - the part of us that wants to rationalize, systematize and know realitiy in an empirical way – leaving the space to intuition to come out as a first thought, feeling or picture.
  2. Synchronicity - the participant who answers the question is chosen RANDOMLY, one from all the members of the network. This is how synchronicity is ensured to happen - two events, a question and an answer, apparently causally unrelated are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

The more we join in, the bigger the synchro-ocean is – the stronger the “signal” we have.

How to join in and how to ask questions?

Register in a few steps and instantly become a member of network. You are free to ask one question every 48 hours or as soon as you receive an answer to the previous question. After that, a new question can be asked. If you are chosen to be an answerer, you are obliged to answer within 48h, but you are free to ask your own questions in the meatime.

What happens if I do not answer the question within 48h?

You will be excluded from the random selection as an answerer and you will also not be able to ask your questions. You will receive information about this by e-mail. In this way, we keep the network active as some people might choose not to participate anymore but forget to close their accounts. If you had an objective reason for not being able to answer within 48h, just click on the reactivation link in the mentioned e-mail and your account will be active again instantly.

Can I discuss my question with the person who answered it, for more details and help?

Yes, you have that option within your profile:

  • show your question to the answerer
    Note: she/he will see it only after the answer has been sent
  • start a private conversation with the answerer
    Note: private conversation can be initiated by both sides. The conversation principle is “one for one” meaning one message at a time. When you receive a reply, you can send a new one.

What about Public Page?

Public page is a kind of a public forum. On your profile you may choose to make the question and the related answer public, in order to seek for help in interpretation, to show good examples, or any other reason of yours.

Can I delete my question and/or remove it from the public page?

Yes, you have both options. In case you delete a question it will be deleted from your profile and from the profile of the answerer at the same time. The privilege of deleting the question is held by the person who asked it.